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Little learing about Technology

Little learing about Technology

Today we will learn something about technology


1. What is information technology?

Answer: Computers and telecommunications
Collection of information through the system,
Consolidation, preservation, processing and
Information on exchange or serving arrangements
Technology says.



2. What is communication technology?

Answer: With data communication system
Communication technology to the relevant technology
Or say communication technology.


3. What is information and communication technology?

Answer: The origin of any type of information,
Preservation, processing, execution and
All electronics used for scattering
Technology to information and communication technology or
Information and Communication Technology


4. What is employment?

Answer: In information and communication technology education
Educated banking, insurance, multinational
Various companies, including mobile companies
Arranging employment in the office
Called employment.


5. What is Global Village?

An environment where all the people of the world
Lives in a single society and
Electronic media and information technology
Serve each other through use



6. Who is the first to use the word Global Village


A: Toronto, Canada is famous
Department of English at the University
Professor and famous philosopher “Marshall
McLuhan “First” Global Village “


Use the word.




7. What does the word news mean?

Answer: The word news means information or





8. What is the Internet?

A: The Internet is widespread around the world
One consisting of numerous networks
Large network system. In other words
– Scattered in different parts of the world
There are many networks
The name of the system is internet.
. What is outsourcing?
Answer: They are different developed countries of the world
Online based jobs are efficient in other countries
This is what people are doing
The work is called outsourcing.


9. Write the names of the three communications?

Answer: Satellite Communication, Tele
Communication and Wireless Communication.


10. What is the full form of GPS?

Answer: The full Global positioning of GPS


11. What is the full form of GSM?

Answer: The full form of GSM Global system for
mobile communications


12. What is a barcode?

Answer: Barcode is a typeSymbol
Manufacturer name, price etc. information attached
Is done.



13. When did the introduction of office automation start?

Answer: In the offices in the 1970s
The introduction of automation began.



14. What is office automation?

A: Office automation is different
Use of technology (e.g. computer,
Telecommunications, e-mail, etc.)
Done automatically.

15. Office of Information and Communication Technology
What are the items?

A: Information and communication technology is involved
Office supplies are computers,
Telephone mobile, phone-fax, machine
Scanners, printers, photocopiers
Laminators, projectors, CCTV, IP-
PBX, time register machine etc.


16. What is a web page?

A: On special pages on the Internet
Saves various information of the organization
It can be called a web page.

17. What is e-mail?

Answer: E-mail for Electronic Mail
Is called. Instead of the traditional postal system
The method of digital postal system is
Electronic mail or e-mail. Software and
Which consists of a combination of hardware transmitted
Data transmitter at lightning speed
In the ID used in his absence
Able to deliver accurately.


18. What is a blogger?

A: One who posts blogs on the internet
He is called a blogger.

19. What does Facebook do?

A: One is logged in to Facebook
Chat with others, profile
View, send messages, send pictures,
Writing comments on pictures and even profiles
Images can be added.


20. What is telemedicine?

Answer: Telephone, internet, mobile
Etc. in the country or using the media
Treatment by specialist doctors abroad
The method of receiving services is telemedicine
Says. At present every union is health
The service center has this system.

21. What is a smart home?

A: Smart Home is such a place
Where remote controlling and
One with the help of programming devices
Home Heating, Cooling, Lighting,
Security control system etc.
Can be controlled. This is a home
Automation system.

22. What is virtual reality?

Answer: Virtual reality is one
Computer controlled environment, where
The user is realistic about that environment
Can gain experience in imitation.


23. What virtual reality is used for

A: Using virtual reality
Learning to drive, medical, aviation,
Various other including combat training
Educational work can be done.


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